Be Ready for a Consultation With a DUI Attorney

An arrest for a DUI can completely change a person’s future. A conviction can be incredibly expensive to deal with, include serious penalties, and impact the person for many years. Those who are arrested and accused of driving under the influence will want to contact a Sacramento DUI attorney for help. The first meeting they have with the attorney will be the consultation.

What is the Consultation?

A consultation is an opportunity for an attorney and a client to find out if they want to work together. The attorney will take the time to learn more about the case and what charges the person is facing. The person will have the chance to learn more about what the Sacramento DUI lawyer expects to happen with the case and what they believe would be the outcome. The attorney will be able to answer any questions the person might have about their situation and the potential outcome at the case. This generally takes around an hour to complete.

Deciding to Hire the Lawyer

If the person feels comfortable with the attorney and their experience, they will decide to hire them. At this point, the DUI Attorney in Sacramento will begin working on their case. The attorney chosen should have a lot of experience dealing with DUI cases so the person can learn more about what to expect once they hire the lawyer and how quickly everything can be done. Once the attorney is hired, they’ll start to work on the case and look into what can be done to minimize the penalties the person is facing.

Starting to Work With the Lawyer on the Case

When the attorney starts working on the case, they’ll look into whether the charges can be dismissed or lowered. They’ll also look into whether the person may be able to go through a rehabilitation program to avoid a conviction on their record. The attorney looks at every piece of evidence and tries to do as much as possible to minimize the potential for a conviction or serious penalties. They will work closely with their client, keeping the client updated on what’s happening and how events might impact the results of the case.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, you need to act fast. Take the time to set up a consultation with a Sacramento DUI attorney today so you can start getting help for your case. Make sure you’re prepared for the consultation so you can learn more about the attorney and how they can help you.


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